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S7C Masterclass Advanced Public Speaking and Presentations Part 1


S7C Masterclass Advanced Public Speaking and Presentations Part 1



Being able to deliver powerful and impactful public presentations is an extremely valuable and beneficial skill that often requires a great deal of time and effort to master. Indeed, even the best public speakers are continually seeking to improve and augment their public speaking and presenting skill sets. This intermediate to advanced level Advanced Public Speaking and Presentations Masterclass has been specifically designed to equip attendees with all the theoretical and technical skills and knowledge that they require in order to be able to successfully deliver powerful and persuasive public presentations.


On Day 1 the Masterclass carefully guides attendees through the psychology of public speaking; posture, breathing and relaxation; and understanding and addressing manifestations of anxiety. In addition, the Masterclass will cover a very broad and comprehensive range of presentation skills such as how to effectively use stories, anecdotes, and case studies; how to create and deliver memorable, powerful, and persuasive stories; how to develop a more persuasive and charismatic speaking style; understanding and leveraging body language; and handling difficult questions.


The Masterclass utilises a highly unique blend of simulations, workshops, and applied learning to allow the attendees to effectively learn how to developed advanced presentation tools and technique. In order to command the audience's attention, attendees will be required to learn all facets relating to public speaking and presentations. That is precisely why the Masterclass breaks down all the most relevant areas into individual components so that attendees can clearly and logically understand how to be a successful presenter.


On Day 2 Masterclass attendees will be able to put everything they have learned into practice. Each attendee will be required to deliver two presentations in front of the Masterclass Panel. They will be videoed and provided with critique and feedback of their presentations. Each attendee will be assigned a Masterclass Panel Member who will provide individual performance coaching to the allotted attendee. These highly interactive workshops will allow attendees to be provided with constructive feedback so that they can learn in a safe and engaging environment.


By attending this intensive Masterclass, attendees are truly investing in their future, as they will be potentially be significantly better at communicating with the public in a highly professional manner, they will be more persuasive, they will be able to forge a stronger professional reputation, and they will be able to deal with difficult people more effectively,


By not attending this Masterclass, you will be wasting one of the best opportunities to improve the breadth of your existing public speaking and presentations skills and knowledge.

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