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Advanced Psychological Manipulation


Advanced Psychological Manipulation



Psychological manipulation is a form of social influence that seeks to change the behaviour or perception of others through deceptive, exploitative, devious, and abusive tactics and strategies. This type of manipulation can be employed both negatively, for example in order to advance the interests of the manipulator, or positively, for example in order to change a person’s bad habits or behaviour. In practice, social persuasion forms part of our everyday lives, for instance many people have advanced someone’s goals in order to get them to do them a favour in return.


Influencing others is often how we obtain jobs and promotions, we sell products and services, and we may gain fame and notoriety. However, psychological manipulation takes persuasion to a whole new level with manipulators using a vast array of tactics, behaviours and strategies to ruthlessly leverage peoples’ vulnerabilities. Some people may only rarely manipulate others, whilst other people may manipulate others every day. What is more, people may be manipulated within their own family network and also regularly within personal relationships.



This training course has been specifically designed to train people to understand how psychological manipulation occurs in practice, so that they can identify situations in which they, or indeed others, may be being manipulated by others. By learning and understanding how manipulators work, the behaviours exhibited, and the techniques and strategies that they employ, attendees will be able to equip themselves with the knowledge that they need in order to protect themselves from manipulative individuals in the future. Manipulation comes in all shapes and sizes, and it is therefore vital that we understand when we may be being exploited by others, especially within close personal relationships when we may be somewhat blind to a person’s subtle manipulative strategies.


For example, people may spin the truth in order to disguise bad behaviour, or they may play the victim in order to gain sympathy and compassion from others. At other times some manipulators in relationships may constantly move the goal posts in order to confuse, disarm, and control their partners. Flattery, playing the innocent card, guilt tripping, denial, lies, sarcasm, sustained aggression, isolation, and feigning love and empathy – these are all hallmarks of psychological manipulation. The difficulty is not only identifying psychological manipulation in practice, but differentiating between occasional manipulation which may be benign, and systematic manipulation which may be malicious in nature.


This training course will identify the range of vulnerabilities that can be exploited by manipulators in practice so that attendees can evaluate themselves to see if they are vulnerable to manipulation by others. By learning to recognise manipulative behaviours, tactics, and strategies, attendees will be able to guard themselves more effectively against people who might be using manipulative tactics and strategies against them now or in the future. When you know what can be used against you, you then have a choice and are able to guard against being manipulated by others.


By attending this intensive Masterclass, attendees will be empowering themselves by gaining a much more comprehensive understanding of all the facets of psychological manipulation, their vulnerabilities to psychological manipulation, and how to better protect themselves from psychological manipulation tactics and strategies in the future. They will be able to develop and forge stronger and safer personal, familial, and professional relationships in the future, and they will be able to identify and deal with manipulative people more effectively.


By not attending this Masterclass, you will be wasting one of the best opportunities to improve your knowledge and understanding of psychological manipulation in order to better protect yourself from manipulation in the future.

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