Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology


Bitcoin. Ethereum. Hyperledger. With all the cryptocurrency buzzwords ying around, it is hard to get to the core of all of these technologies. The essential piece that serves as the underlying mechanism of all these technologies is blockchain. Blockchain is a decentralized, trustless, distributed ledger technology that was popularised by the Bitcoin global cryptocurrency platform. 

Blockchain technology carries a promise of great opportunity, e ciency, and fairness in business operations and governance for an entire struggling planet. Blockchain technology should be integrated broadly and uniformly across society and within as many existing institutions as possible. Blockchain development should not be the exclusive domain of a single sector, such as banking. Nor should Blockchain development re ect priorities of highest Return on Investment (ROI) from Venture Capital (VC) start-ups. 

Indeed, the primary objective of Blockchain technology must be to reduce the cost of capital by decentralising risk, not necessarily money. Blockchain innovation can then be applied broadly, evenly, and intentionally across the economy. This makes sense because when building anything complex or important, one logical piece needs to go in front of the next logical piece regardless of its individual ROI, because collective ROI is the true basis of valuation. 

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