AML and CFT Operational Compliance

AML and CFT Operational Compliance


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With today’s modern advancements in global banking and financial services technologies and interconnectivity, implementing effective, robust, and proportional Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) compliance frameworks has grown ever more challenging. Not only must firms be able to implement risk-based assessments that are proportional to the size and nature of a firm’s activities, they must also ensure that these systems can seamlessly integrate third party systems in order to provide effective monitoring of AML and CFT risks.  

This training course has been specifically designed to provide a firm’s compliance and front office employees with highly comprehensive training on AML global trends and challenges, as well as a thorough review of money laundering methods and ways of concealing beneficial ownership. By attending the training course individuals will be thoroughly trained on global money laundering techniques and will be equipped to be able to more effectively carry out internal client AML and CFT checks and risk assessments. The training course provides practical and interactive training combined with contextual case studies to exemplify global AML and CFT practices.

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