PSD2 Transformation Part II: Technology, Strategy and Innovation Training Materials

PSD2 Transformation Part II: Technology, Strategy and Innovation Training Materials



The Revised Payment Services Directive (2015/2366/EU) (PSD2) is set to usher in an unprecedented disruption within the payments services sector throughout the European Union (EU), and indeed, the world. The debate is still on as to whether this wave of sweeping changes within the banking, financial services, Financial Technology (FinTech), and Regulatory Technology (RegTech) sectors will be revolutionary or evolutionary in nature. The recently delayed original implementation date of 14th September 2019 for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), has highlighted the logistical, operational, and technological challenges for banks and financial services firms that are striving to implement mandated Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), as well as advanced SCA security infrastructure and protocols.  The parallel development of a multitude of Open Banking standards throughout the EU has also made PSD2 strategic developments ever more challenging for new market entrants and Third Party Providers (TPPs).

The two-part PSD2 Transformation Series of events aims to provide the world’s most comprehensive training currently available on the market for those firms operating within the payments services sectors. PART I of the Transformation Series aims to provide highly extensive training to market participants covering the PSD and PSD2 operational frameworks, together with in-depth coverage of European Banking Authority (EBA) technical standards and guidelines. It forms an absolutely essential part of training that firms require in order to fully understand the new PSD2 operational and technological landscape that is currently in a state of development.

PART II of the PSD2 Transformation Series aims to provide a training course that provides unprecedented training and insights that are not available anywhere else. The PSD2 Technology, Strategy, and Innovation training course ventures far beyond the PSD and PSD2 operational frameworks and provides highly extensive and in-depth coverage of strategic approaches to PSD2 markets, technologies, and marketing and sales strategies for payment services firms. It is precisely what PSD2 payments services firms have been waiting for. A comprehensive analysis of PSD2 competitors, market commentary on current market developments in different EU jurisdictions, as well as strategic analysis of a broad range of market studies that highlight the compelling need for PSD2 payment firms to undertake both extensive market research and market education initiatives in order to successfully capture new PSD2 markets. PSD2 is no longer simply about compliance and it should not be viewed as a threat, but a one-of-a-kind strategic revenue opportunity to develop unprecedented offerings to consumers and businesses across the EU.

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1 x Full Set Comprehensive Training Materials1 x Full Deck Presentation Slides

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