MiFID II Operational Compliance Training Materials

MiFID II Operational Compliance Training Materials


The Revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) Operational Compliance training course is a unique and highly personalised training course that provides a blend of new strategic and operational insights into the new MiFID II and Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR) frameworks.

The unique training materials for this specialised topic include:

  • Four Module PowerPoint Presentations.

  • A Highly Comprehensive MiFID II Training Manual.

  • Highly Comprehensive MiFID II Training Materials.

  • Exclusive S7C Research Unbundling Industry Report.

  • Exclusive S7C Approved Reporting Mechanism Industry Report.

This custom high impact set of comprehensive training materials, provides deep instruction on all the major changes ushered in by the MiFID II framework, including market structure, trade and transaction reporting, position limits and reporting, third country frameworks, organisational requirements, investor protection, and compliance technologies.

The training materials will instruct how MiFID II will affect financial services firms from legal, financial, operational, technological and strategic perspectives.

The comprehensive course materials will also provide updated MiFID II business strategies for financial services firms (e.g., minimising operational losses on Return on Equity, changing strategic business directions, minimising the MiFID II negative impact on future profitability); identifying new post-MiFID II ‘hot’ target markets; and EU market capitalisations strategies (high negative impact on cost-income ratios, Third- Country Firm passporting, SME growth markets).

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