13TH - 14TH JULY 2017


Course Programme

The new Packaged Retail and Insurance-Based Investment Products (PRIIPs) Regulation (No 1286/2014) introduces a new framework for manufacturers, distributors, and financial intermediaries who issue and sell PRIIPs to Retail Client investors. This operational compliance training course will provide attendees with a strong and comprehensive understanding of the new PRIIPs framework and regulatory requirements. It will instruct attendees in what is required for PRIIPs operational compliance, and will guide them on populating individual Key Information Documents (KIDs) for different financial product lines through the analysis of newly designed KID product templates.  The course will also review areas of hot debate (e.g. fund past performance information and insurance product categorisation and calculation of transaction costs), that have recently led to the European Parliament's rejection of draft legislation.

Expert Trainers

Dr Pierre de Gioia-Carabellese Juris Doctor, PhD, LLM, PGCAP, Avvocato, Solicitor & Notary Public

Rodrigo Zepeda, LLB, LLM, Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (MCSI)



SESSION 1: The PRIIPs Regulatory Framework

■ PRIIP Objectives, PRIIP and KID Obligations; Administrative Sanctions and Measures.

■ Exclusions (Non-life Insurance; General Insurance; Non-Structured Deposits; Non-Pension Annuities; Pension Products; Institutional Investor Investment Funds; Directly Held Corporate Shares and Bonds), Transitional Arrangements (UCITS Schemes).

■ EIOPA and Member State Competent Authority (MSCA) Monitoring and Product Intervention Powers, Complaints, Redress, Cooperation, Regulatory Supervision.


SESSION 2: The Key Information Document (KID)

■ KID Application; KID Cessation (Closed Business Books; Redemption Only Products; Personalisation; Variation); KID Form and Content; Summary Risk Indicator (SRI).

■ Technical Analysis of Performance (Performance Scenarios; Recommended holding period; Intermediate Period) and Costs (Costs over time; Composition of Costs; Disclosed Costs).

■ Technical Analysis of Risk (Market Risk Measure (MRM); Risk Indicator; Performance Scenarios).

■ Technical Analysis of Credit Risk (Credit Risk Measure (CRM); Credit Risk Assessment Methodology; Credit Assessment of Obligors). 



SESSION 3: KID Product Template Population and Risk Analysis

Review of new KID Product Templates and Product-Tailored Risk Analysis for:

■ KID (Collective Investment Scheme).

■ KID (Life Insurance-Based Investment Product).

■ KID (Market-exposed Structured Security).

■ KID (Market-exposed Structured Term Deposit).



SESSION 4: PRIIPs Operational Compliance

■ Packaged Retail Investment Product Review; Insurance-Based Investment Product Review.

■ Pre-contractual Product Disclosures (Common Disclosure Framework; Specialist Framework).

■  Multiple Option Products (Formats; Underlying Information; Non-Look-ThroughRequirements).

■ Selling Practices and Retail Client Areas of Concern (Capital Guarantees; Performance Scenarios; Exact Cost Figures; Cost Figure Comprehension).


Key Benefits


■ Comprehensive Training Course Materials (Manual; Materials; Definitions Booklet; PowerPoint Presentations; 4 Different Product Populated KID Templates; A3 PRIIP Overview Chart).

■ Covers all the areas that attendees need to understand in order to be fully PRIIP compliant.

■ Provides a unique blend of legal, financial, operational, and strategic insight into the new PRIIPs regulatory framework.

■ ASUS 7" Tablet (Choice of Red, Metallic, White) pre-embedded with all training course materials to use and take-away.


Who should attend


■ Banking and Finance Professionals.

■ Business Analysts.

■ Compliance Officers.

■ Heads of Compliance.

■ Heads of Operations.

■ Heads of Regulatory Change.

■ Heads of Risk.

■ Insurance-Based Investment Product (IBIP) Distributors.

■ IBIP Financial Intermediaries.

■ IBIP Manufacturers.

■ Insurance Professionals.

■ Packaged-Retail Investment Product (PRIP) Distributors.

■ PRIP Financial Intermediaries.

■ PRIP Manufacturers.

■ Regulatory Change Officers.

■ Treasury Analysts.