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By not attending this training course you are losing one of the best opportunities you may have to improve your life.


Have you ever actually invested in improving your personal behavioural persuasion skills? Probably not. And if not then you are almost certainly missing out on one of the best ways to improve your prospects in the future. As human beings we are all innately driven by a diverse range of powerful emotional or psychological triggers acting at a subconscious level. The ensuing emotions drive our decisions and the actions that we take.


Persuasion is the action or process of persuading someone or of being persuaded to do or believe something.


The more comprehensively an individual understands emotional and psychological triggers, the better that individual becomes at behavioural persuasion.


We encounter persuasion virtually every day in our daily lives and yet most of us have never actually been professionally trained in this invaluable skill.


Whether we are attending an interview, interacting with others, or trying to convince your partner to go on holiday, persuasion permeates our lives and plays an integral part of human relationships. Ask yourself sincerely, 'How good are my persuasion skills really?' 'Average', 'Above Average', 'Excellent', 'Phenomenal', 'I'm not sure' – which of these answers best reflects the current strength of your persuasion skills? Would you like to significantly improve your persuasion skills? Would you like to learn how to significantly improve your performance at work?  Would you like to learn how to better engage with your customers? Would you like to learn how to ace interviews? Would you like to be able to learn how to effectively persuade people to do things they might not initially want to do?

By attending this exciting Masterclass you will learn how to do improve your skills in all of these areas and more. You will be thrilled with the results.

This Masterclass has been specifically designed to provide highly unique and comprehensive training on individual development of personal behavioural persuasion skills. The Masterclass trainer will guide attendees through theoretical principles, practical methods, and practical exercises that attendees can complete in order to significantly improve their persuasion skills over time. Once you know how to effectively persuade someone, you will significantly increase your skills as a professional, an entrepreneur, a salesperson, or in handling personal relationships, family relationships, and friendships.

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SESSION 1: Persuasion in Real Life

·       Persuasion and Interpersonal Engagement (Family Relationships, Friendships, Networking, Social Interaction, Professional Engagement, Client Engagement).

·       Differentiating between Persuasion, Negotiation, and Manipulation.

·       Emotionality and Persuasion, Rational Argument, Emotional Persuasion, Flattery, Compliments, Negativity, the Amplification Hypothesis, the Information Gap Theory, the Zeigarnik Effect.

·       Behavioural Calibration, Conscious Learning and Subconscious Behavioural Interaction.


SESSION 2: Persuasion and Body Language

·       An Introduction to the Basics of Body Language and Non-Verbal Clues (Benchmarking; Rules for Accurate Reading; Openness; Handshakes; Smiles; Humour; Laughter; Arm Signals; Hand and Thumb Gestures; Eye Signals; Leg Signals)

·       Mirroring (Body Language, Tone, Volume, Speech, Positioning, Status), Subconscious Resistance, Subconscious Agreement, Putting People at Ease, and Building Rapport.

·       Common Gestures; Evaluation and Procrastination Gestures; Deceit Signals.

·       Personal Space (Zones); Seating Arrangements (Where to Sit, Audience Attention, Attention Zone); Interviews (First Impressions, Interview Strategies).


SESSION 3: Developing Effective Personal Persuasive Tools

·       Sincerity and Self-Consistency as Persuasive Tools, and Building Likeability as a Persuasive Tool.

·       Social Validation, Social Proof, Peer Pressure, and Community as Persuasive Tools; Aligning to Values as a Persuasive Tool.

·       Highlighting Scarcity as a Persuasive Tool (Time, Amount, Moderation); Door-In-The-Face Technique; Creating a Sense of Urgency as a Persuasive Tool.

·       Use of Silence as a Persuasive Tool, Encouraging Others to Talk as a Persuasive Tool (Small Talk, Meaningful Questions, Follow-Up Questions, Establishing Common Ground, Making a Personal Connection).


SESSION 4: Practical Persuasive Behavioural Traits and Scenario Analysis

·       Surrounding Yourself with Influential People (Personal, Professional, Client, Social Media).

·       Reciprocity and Human Sociality, Developing Generosity (Time, Favours, Money, Influence).

·       Managing Others (Managing Your Colleagues; Listening, Belonging and Status; Pretend It Was Their Idea; Recognition and Appreciation).

·       Use of Present Tense; Authority and Reputation; Complimenting Though Processes; Sense of Choice, Embedded Commands, and Embedded Suggestions; Use of Statistics and Data; Extreme Diversionary Tactics; Use of Adjectives; Presenting Counter Arguments; Short Sentences; Sharing Thoughts; Matching Type of Reasoning (Logical, Emotional).





Rodrigo Zepeda is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Storm-7 Consulting. He is an expert consultant who specialises in derivatives and banking and financial services law, regulation, and compliance. He is an expert in a very broad range of regulatory compliance frameworks such as FATCA, the OECD CRS, MiFID II, MAD 2 MAR, PSD2, CRD IV, Solvency II, OTC Derivatives, CCP Clearing, PRIIPs, BRRD, AML4, and the GDPR. He holds a LLB degree, a LLM Masters degree in International and Comparative Business Law, and has passed the New York Bar Examination. He was an Associate (ACSI) of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment from 2004 to 2014 and is now a Chartered Member (MCSI). He has created and delivered numerous conferences and training courses around the world such as ‘FATCA for Latin American Firms’ (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Panama City, Panama), ‘MiFID II: Regulatory, Risk, and Compliance (London), and ‘Market Abuse: Operational Compliance’ (London), ‘AEOI (FATCA & CRS)’ (London, Lebanon, Dubai, Malta, Manama, Bahrain); AML/CFT: Operational Compliance (Dubai, London); MLRO: Operational Compliance (London).

He has also delivered numerous In-House Training Courses around the world to major international financial institutions such as The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (MiFID II: Operational Compliance, Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates); the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (MiFID II: Final Review, London); CAF, the Development Bank of Latin America (Swaps and Over-the-counter Derivatives, Lima, Peru); Eurex Exchange (CCP Clearing, Risk Management, Recovery and Resolution, Eschborn, Germany); European Energy Exchange AG (CCP Clearing, Risk Management, Recovery and Resolution, Leipzig, Germany); Rothschild Investment Management (UK) Limited (AEOI (FATCA & CRS), London); Resolution Life (AEOI (FATCA & CRS, London); CCP Clearing, Risk Management, Recovery and Resolution; Bethmann Bank AG (MAD 2 MAR, Frankfurt); Saxo Capital Markets (MAD 2 MAR, London); and Invesco Management, S.A. (AML/CFT, Henley); Validus Risk Management (OTC Derivatives, Eton).

For 2019 he has created some of the most cutting edge training courses available on the market today, including Artificial Intelligence in Banking and Financial Services; Supervisory Technologies (SupTech); The European Margin Rules; The 2018-2020 Collateral Paradigm; AML & CFT Advanced Practitioner; Virtual Currencies, AML, CFT: Operational Compliance; and Behavioural Persuasion Masterclass. He is a Reviewer for the Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance and has also published widely in leading industry journals such as the Capco Institute’s Journal of Financial Transformation, the Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, as well as e-books on derivatives law. Noted publications include “Optimizing Risk Allocation for CCPs under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation”; “The ISDA Master Agreement 2012: A Missed Opportunity”; “The ISDA Master Agreement: The Derivatives Risk Management Tool of the 21st Century?”; “To EU, or not to EU: that is the AIFMD question”; and “The Industrialization Blueprint: Re- Engineering the Future of Banking and Financial Services?”.





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