National legal regulations, legislation, and recent legal developments in the field of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, ICOs and STOs.


Legalico is an online platform providing a multi-jurisdictional overview of relevant laws, regulations, and recent developments in relation to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, ICOs and STOs, as well as a discussion forum in which lawyers, academics, regulators, and other stakeholders can exchange views and ideas.

 Our website examines the current regulatory landscape and recent legal developments concerning the regulation of blockchain-based token sales, commonly referred to as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Security Token Offerings (STOs). This complex and constantly evolving regulatory landscape poses serious legal and operational challenges to practitioners and companies that desire to utilize the mechanism of an ICO or STO for its perceived benefits: as a powerful new mechanism for alternative funding of blockchain-based networks or applications, and as an accessible tool for community-building and global engagement.

The goal of our website is to orient the reader in the current legal treatment of ICOs and STOs across a variety of jurisdictions. Through comparative analyses of existing regulations, our website underlines the critical need for international cooperation in the blockchain ecosystem so as to produce healthy policy and market outcomes.

Legalico was conceived by Elena Scepankova and Xavier Lavayssière in October 2017 in Zurich with the primary goal being to offer a platform for quality and relevant content, as well as forum for discussion and development.


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