The unprecedented growth of Islamic banking and finance operations around the world has created a huge demand for expert guidance in the latest Islamic finance regulatory and risk management practices

Conference Programme

This advanced two day training programme has been designed to provide delegates with comprehensive training in the latest regulatory, risk, and compliance issues affecting the Islamic banking and finance industry today. Delegates will be instructed on risks affecting Islamic finance practices and products, on developing integrated risk management frameworks, and on the latest legal, regulatory and Shari'ah compliance issues affecting Islamic banks and financial institutions. Delegates will also gain insights into the latest trends in Islamic finance products (e.g. derivatives) and practices (e.g. microfinance).   

Day 1: Sessions

SESSION 1: Islamic Finance National and International Regulatory Frameworks

  • National regulatory frameworks (UK Financial Conduct Authority; Dubai Financial Services Authority; Securities Commission Malaysia).
  • International governance frameworks (Islamic Financial Services Board; the IMF; BIS Basel Committee).
  • Shari'ah Supervisory Boards and Supervisory Councils.
  • Islamic Finance regulatory convergence and standardisation.

SESSION 2: Risk Management Practices for Islamic Financial Institutions

  • Credit, Market, Operational, and Liquidity Risks in Islamic Finance.
  • Risk management issues in Islamic Financial Contracts.
  • Developing an Integrated Risk Management and Shari'ah Audit Framework.
  • Risk Regulation in Islamic Financial Institutions (Basel II, III).

SESSION 3: Legal and Shari'ah Compliance

  • The law and regulation of Islamic Finance in the United Kingdom.
  • Developing a robust Shari'ah Compliance Framework.
  • Effectively addressing Shari'ah Non-Compliance Risk.
  • Shari'ah Governance Practices in Islamic Financial Institutions.
  • Compliance challenges to the global development of the Islamic Finance industry.

SESSION 4: Contemporary and Future Developments in Islamic Finance

  • Globally Strengthening the Islamic Finance Industry.
  • Islamic Finance Structural Adjustments (Participatory, Non-Participatory Financing).
  • Islamic Microfinance Financial Instruments, Models, and Practices.
  • Islamic Finance and Behavioural Economics.

Day 2: Workshops

WORKSHOP 1: Developing Islamic Financial Markets and Islamic Banking

  • Strategies for the development of Islamic Capital Markets.
  • The global development of Islamic Finance Exchange-Traded products and the Islamic Inter-Bank Market.
  • Capitalising on growth opportunities in new Takaful emerging markets (India, Morocco, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey).
  • Islamic Finance Markets, Technology and Innovation.

WORKSHOP 2:  Islamic Funds

  • Structuring Islamic compliant Equity Funds; Commodity Funds; Ijarah Funds; Murabaha Funds; and Mixed Funds.
  • Shari'ah compliance screening of Islamic funds.
  • Islamic funds investor and investment risk profiling (aggressive funds, capital gains funds, regular income funds, balanced funds).
  • Evaluating the capacity and attractiveness of emerging Islamic Finance funds markets (Australia, Europe, China). 

WORKSHOP 3: Islamic Sukuk Markets

  • Global Sukuk markets trends and findings.
  • Evaluating Sukuk markets (Dubai; Hong Kong; Indonesia; Malaysia; Singapore; South Africa; the United Kingdom).
  • Sukuk Sovereign and Corporate Issuers.
  • Sukuk collateralization and liquidity management.
  • Standardising Sukuk documentation.

WORKSHOP 4: Derivatives and Islamic Finance

  • Alternatives to conventional derivatives (Arbun'; Al-shart; Salam; Istijar; Istisna).
  • Analysing how to structure Murabaha-based cross-currency swaps; Murabaha-based profit rate swaps; Islamic Forwards; and Islamic Finance futures and options.
  • Analysing the ISDA/IIFM Tahawwut (Hedging) Master Agreement framework and legal enforceability.
  • Islamic hedging and credit support agreements.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced knowledge and understanding of Islamic finance risk management practices; effective Shari'ah compliance and governance practices; Islamic financial markets, investment techniques and the latest Islamic finance instruments
  • Key insights into the latest Islamic microfinance practices, and Islamic regulatory compliance issues
  • Pre-conference questionnaire to identify delegate's key course objectives
  • Comprehensive conference documentation
  • Post-conference expert trainer follow-up to guarantee all key course objectives have been met

Course Suitable For

  • Auditors
  • Chief Executives
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Compliance Officers and Staff
  • Board Directors
  • General Legal Counsel
  • General Managers
  • Heads of Governmental Departments
  • Investment Fund Managers
  • Islamic Finance Consultants
  • Islamic Banking and Finance Professionals
  • Risk Management Officers and Professionals
  • Sukuk Issuers
  • Takaful/Insurance operators