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Haim Bodek

Haim Bodek is currently Managing Principal, Decimus Capital Markets, LLC as well as Co-Portfolio Manager, Hyperion Decimus, LLC. His career and experiences, particularly those to do with his campaigning efforts in market structure regulatory reform, are extensively profiled in the book Dark Pools, and in the film Wall Street Code. Haim is a regular speaker for major news outlets, industry conferences and private events. His presentations cover cutting-edge topics in US equities market structure as well as the latest high frequency trading controversies. Haim always tailors his presentations to suit any audience, from industry insiders to laypeople. His signature dynamic speaking style always draws in attendees, and provides an engaging and thought-provoking experience.

Haim embraces opportunities to increase market transparency by sharing his expertise and deep understanding of market structure with interested audiences. He often comments on high frequency trading and market structure reform to general audiences, including in televised appearances. Previous to Decimus Capital Markets, Haim was CEO at Trading Machines LLC just after his experience as Managing Director at UBS. Other previous experiences include roles such as CEO at Sixford Technologies LLC, Vice President at Goldman Sachs and Senior Member of Technical Staff at Magnify. Haim holds a BA in Mathematics and Cognitive Science from the University of Rochester.