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Storm-7 Consulting offers highest calibre financial knowledge and insight to market-leading companies and experts around the world. 

Storm-7 Consulting - Lead the Elite

Lead The Elite


Storm-7 Consulting

We are a financial consultancy company that provides premier financial intelligence and knowledge to leading financial institutions around the world. We deliver premium quality conferences on cutting-edge legal and financial issues, and strive to provide access to crucial insight by leading experts on the latest complex regulatory developments.  

Traditional Conferences

At some conferences you may feel like a nameless face in a crowd. At other conferences you may be left with more questions than answers. Some conference companies may provide a great venue, but the expertise or delivery of the trainers, or the materials provided, may leave delegates feeling less than satisfied. Other conference companies may simply be driven by commissions or the bottom line. Indeed many traditional conference companies may promise the world, but may fall significantly short of the mark.   

So why is Storm-7 Consulting different?

At Storm-7 Consulting we do not provide economy, premium economy, or even business class services. We provide First Class conference services each and every time.

  • We control the whole conference process from design to delivery and we always put each conference delegate centre stage.

  • We do not rely on external parties to tell us what knowledge delegates need, because we expertly understand the latest industry developments.

  • We have extensive professional knowledge and experience of legal, financial, and regulatory compliance sectors.

  • We specifically design our conferences in-house to comprehensively address the most pressing and relevant issues that concern banks and financial institutions.

  • We incorporate the latest technology into our conferences by giving delegates tablets pre-loaded with conference presentations and materials to use and keep.

  • We provide an individually tailored service to incorporate delegate objectives into the conference content, and follow-up to ensure all delegate objectives have been met.

  • We provide delegates with very extensive and comprehensive documentation.


Storm-7 Consulting guarantees an innovatory approach focused solely on ensuring that your entire conference experience is unsurpassed.


Media Partners

Media Partners


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