Absolutely indispensible training and an absolute must for all professionals operating in the Central Counterparty and over-the-counter derivatives industry today.


This new and highly unique Central Counterparty (CCP) interoperability training course seeks to provide attendees with comprehensive training in the latest cutting-edge areas pertaining to CCP interoperability arrangements. The training course seeks to draw from a broad range of sources in order to ensure that attendees are expertly guided through all the latest legal, financial, operational, and technological issues governing CCP interoperability arrangements throughout the European Union (EU).

The training course will not only cover existing legal frameworks under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), but also best practices governing interoperability arrangements. It will identify the range of advantages and operational risks relating to interoperability, and will also benchmark financial instruments markets in order to review the feasibility of implementing interoperability arrangements in those markets. The harmonisation and standardisation of interoperability arrangements has been proposed by industry participants as a way forward for implementing effective interoperability arrangements.

The course will propose what a European Convention on CCP Interoperability might look like in practice, and how Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Platforms could facilitate more efficient and effective interoperability arrangements in the future.

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