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Bryan Feinberg

Bryan Feinberg is the CEO and Founder of Etheralabs/Plato Technologies Inc. and Plato Search Inc., a NYC based Blockchain Venture Accelerator. For the past several years, Bryan has been deeply involved across the Blockchain ecosystem and across multiple early stage and emerging companies. Bryan is a licensed investment banker holding his 7, 63 and 79 FINRA Licenses. Focus Areas: Banking & Regulatory Compliance, Syndication, Data Intelligence, Analytics, Wallet Security, Search, Machine Learning, Big Data and Adtech. Bryan has over 15 years of experience in venture investing. As a specialist in raising capital, Feinberg has set his sights on blockchain and ways to improve it. His company, Etheralabs, currently works with a number of companies including Vault Bank and Loci with the goal of helping its clients get the most out of blockchain, and to maximize each client’s profits in doing so.

During 20 years of active venture investing, he has tried to stay consistent in his approach of identifying early stage technologies and sectors ripe for disruption. Bryan believes that throwing blockchain in the mix generates a perfect storm of both complexity and opportunity. Bryan believes in staying true to the objectives and never giving up, philosophy that brought him to be also founder of Plato Technologies Inc. & Plato Search Inc. as well as Zephyr Technology Ventures. Other current roles include Advisory Board Member for Fastbase, MBAex Online Pte. Ltd. and 1World Online as well as Kinesis Money, Wandx and Augmate, ICO Certification Board at the Crypto-Financial Protection Commission, and finaly Partner At Large for Blockchain News. Bryan holds a BS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the Alfred University.