Dr Aly Khorshid

Dr Aly Khorshid is a recognised expert Islamic Finance Scholar who has been involved with Islamic financial institutions for over two decades. He is an expert in Shari'ah compliant finance, capital market products, due diligence, investment funds, alternative finance and Islamic contracts, inheritance, and the Waqf family 'trust'. He is a Fellow (Visiting) at the ICMA Centre (Reading University), Professor (Visiting) Nile University Egypt, and is a Professor (Visiting) at University Teknologi Malaysia UTM. He has a PhD in Islamic Studies and Economics (University of Leeds), has a Masters degree in management (UK), studied Fiqh and Shari’ah at Al-Azhar University (Egypt), was nominated for the King Fisal International Prize (2006), and was runner-up for the Mubarak Prize for Islamic Studies (2010). He has served as a top tier-banking consultant and has been instrumental in establishing Islamic banking and corporate governance policies at a national level. He is the author of numerous industry publications, such as 'Corporate Governance in Islamic Banks (Wiley, 2013), 'Encyclopaedia of Islamic Finance' (Euromoney, 2011), ‘Dictionary of Islamic Finance (Euromoney 2012), A New Order' (Islamic Banking and Finance, 2011), 'Islamic Insurance A Modern Approach to Islamic Banking' (Rutledge, 2004), and a novel ‘ A Tender Power’ (AcademyUK, 2013).