About Us


We believe in Crypto Future.

We live in the wonderful world and never know what to meet tomorrow. It can be a form of transportation without driver or smart things that you feel safer, healthy, more comfortable and understand who you are. And tomorrow is a cryptocurrency future. 

We are the next generation of the CPA Affiliate Network and you can to be part of it. Imagine you can to be a blogger and write themes you like every day. You can be an owner of websites with every day selling or popular person with huge followers. If you have only 2 followers who know you and understand you, you're our customer. You can collect cryptocurrency for your activity and it will grow every day.

Everybody know affiliate networks in classic theme. You bring people, they buy something using affiliate links and you earn money. But the future is already here and we live in the cryptocurrency world. Our product allows you to live in the future. That's why:

-We aggregate campaigns around the world and you can earn money in any country you want.

-We pay in ADG tokens which can grow in thousands of times.

-You can use modern API and integrate affiliate tools on your website for a few minutes.

-We support our customers in 24/7

-We created many cashback services around the world and understand how it works and how to help earn more money.


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